Sunday, July 27, 2008

USART-to-USB converter using FT232BM chip

Hi guys,
here is an easy an popular way to start using USB in your designs without going into learning the complicated USB protocol. This circuit converts normal USART signals from any microcontroller into USB compatible signals which can be directly connected to the PC. If u r designing a circuit and u need pc interface, then this is the best way, use USB, as the RS232 ports are disappearing from PCs and laptops very fast.

This circuit is as suggested by FTDI's datasheet for the device FT232BM. It also includes an EEPROM to input your device name which will appear in PC when u connect your circuit to PC. The Tx and Rx LED indication is also provided.

Drivers for this IC are available free on FTDI's website mentioned below. The drivers create virtual serial comm ports, hence keep the USB protocol completely in background. U can program yr controller just like u r designing it for RS232 communication!!

New! (21 May 2010)

FTDI has released a RS232 to USB converter in DB9 connector package, an easiest way to migrate from RS232 to USB without any change in your PCB, you can have the footprint of DB9 female connector but place this module instead and you are USB ready!! Really cool!!!

More info: http://www.ftdichip.com


Anonymous said...

the picture is missing!!!

Unknown said...

i have project about making hardware keys and i have to use FT232BM chip
would you please help me?
which micro i should use?

mayukh said...

I want to add UART (Rx ad Tx) functionality to my robot (working on an atmega8 MCU) using USB. This seems to be the ideal solution, but the image is a little distorted. Can you tell me what is the small 5 pin IC on the top left and where is it available? How difficult is it to solder the FT232BM chip at home on a prototyping board? And finally, does the 6 Mhz external crystal in your circuit require some changes to be made in the mega8 clock, or will the factory default settings be adequate for my purpose? An early reply would be great as I cant wait to order the parts and get the thing working.

shiva said...

Hi friends... Actually i decided to design my own uC progammar(Hex dumper)... The circuit is very easy when i use RS232... But laptops doesnt have RS232... So i need a RS232 to usb converter circuit....

kiranvarma-npeducations said...

Could you please upload another image for circuit diagram. because it was missing. Article is neat and clean, except the picture

Priyanka said...

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theanonymousme said...

The circuit is very informative. It needs good core knowledge to study this circuit. Thanks for sharing your work.

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