Wednesday, August 6, 2008

opamp Precision Rectifier

Hi friends,
this is a simple opamp precision rectifier. Very useful in rectifying or making bipolar signals unipolar, specially in small signals where we cannot afford to have that 0.7v drop across the normal diode bridge rectifier.
The circuit shown here gives rectified output going only in the negative direction, as my application required it that way. But if you want rectified positive output, just reverse the direction of both the diodes and you'll get it!


Royce said...

Is this a full wave rectifier ?

CC Dharmani said...


Chad said...

Can it be altered to a half wave?

CC Dharmani said...

Yes, remove the vertical diode, put the horizontal diode at 1st opamp output terminal, and connect the feedback resistor between pin2 and the other terminal of the diode. Remove the second opamp & remaining parts.

nitesh said...

Can we also amplify the signal in the same circuit?

final year projects said...

Nice project, good thought, keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

please put the description about this circuit.....

aarthi said...

please give some decsription about the working of the circuit..

amazingme said...

This has got some really conceptual working. Please provide circuit description!

Integral Calculator said...

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