Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DIY AVR Programmers

Hi guys,
for those who are trying to make AVR kit at home, an AVR programmer which can be simple to make will be really useful, as it'll avoid buying the programmer!! Here I'm giving a few webpage links on how to make a programmers yourself.

- Here is a simple AVR serial programmer, works with PC serial port, easy to make:

For complete info check out the webpage:
AVR Serial programmer from Extremeelectronics.co.in

- For using the serial programmer discussed above, a driver software is required to be installed in your pc. Download it from here:
PonyProg : AVR serial programmer

- If you are using a laptop which doesn't have serial port then you can buy a low-cost AVR USB programmer shown in the figure. Visit this webpage for buying it:

Here is one more option for buying a cheap USB programmer for AVR at around $15 cost:
AVR USB Programmer lite

And if you want to make an USB programmer yourself, check out here an easy to make AVR USB programmer:
DIY AVR USB Programmer

- Atmel has given a detailed document on design of In-System Programmer for AVR. It inclludes the schematic of the programmer. Download this pdf document from here:
In-System Programmer for AVR, from Atmel

- For those who like pc parallel port better, here is a page containing data on how to make a parallel port AVR programmer along with the download for the pc:
Parallel port programmer for AVR

- Here is another parallel port programmer from AVRdude:
AVRdude parallel port programmer

- One more parallel port programmer using AT90S1200 microcontroller, with schematic and the .asm file. (Note: it need a pre-programmed AT90S1200 IC). Check out more on the webpage:
Psychogenic PPI AVR Programmer

- Apart from these, some more free designs are there, you'll find them by googling!! And if you want to buy, there are plenty of them available!!!

Hope this info is useful for your project work..


Unknown said...

hello sir
u r doing an outstanding work
i will try this one and come back to u

Unknown said...

i worked out this one
its always giving me the mesg
"device not found -24"
i am using the atmega8 with 12mhz crystal
plz reply soon
my mail akhil423@gmail.com

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USB - AVR Programmer

Unknown said...

How do we disable JTAG fuse for ATMEGA32. i'm using iccavr and i don't know the command. pls help

prashanth said...

haii saravan , refer datasheeet , they given how to clear - options in detail

vicky said...

sir i want to know about 8051 microcontroller.can u please help me out

Gaurav said...

here is a simle diy avr programmer


live support will provided by the engineer

Anonymous said...

AVR Programmer

Anonymous said...

Hi maybe you are interested in checking out tinyUSBboard.

It is also a DIY board with an onboard USB interface.
with tinyUSBboard there is no need for serial programmer. Everything can be done via USB (even updating!).

Website: http://matrixstorm.com/avr/tinyusbboard/

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